8 Reasons Tungsten Carbide Rings Will Trend In 2023

Everyone wants to buy rings that they will wear for a very long period of time and yet very cost-effective.  

No ring has proven to meet this description that the tungsten carbide rings. One can wear it and not be afraid of it losing its shine or tarnish.

This has made it the perfect ring for couples intending to get married or engaged.

Janets Jewellery Tungsten Carbide Ring
Internet Photo: Tungsten Carbide Rings Are Becoming Increasing Popular Among Men & Women

History of Tungsten Carbide Rings

Tungsten means “heavy metal” in Swedish. Tungsten was first used by a company called Rado in the 1960s to make watches. The watches were famous for being scratchproof.

Companies like Movado later on followed and started making their watches with Tungsten Carbide too. Various industries adopted the use of Tungsten Carbide including those is artillery and jewelry.

It is also used in ballpoints for pens and in making surgical equipment. Today, Tungsten Carbide is increasingly becoming popular in the jewelry and fashion world.

It comes in many designs and signifies strength and longevity. Today, it has become a favorite especially among men in almost all parts of the world.

What is Tungsten Carbide?

Tungsten Carbide comes from joining alloying carbon with Tungsten which is an extremely hard and dense metal with a high freezing point.

Usually, the best Tungsten rings have a minimum of 80% Tungsten which makes them hypoallergenic, strong, and tarnish resistant which keeps their shine for a very long time. It is also combined with Cobalt or Nickel.

When Tungsten is pure that is with a minimum of 80%, it is 10 times harder than the 18 Karat gold rings with a weight that is opulent and substantial and only compared to platinum.

Here are 8 reasons why Tungsten Carbide Rings will continue trending in 2022;

  1. Tungsten Carbide Rings Are Hypoallergenic

This is means you will not expect allergic reactions when you wear tungsten carbide, unlike other metals.

However, be careful with industrial-grade tungsten rings that are usually cheap. As the name suggests, these are used by industries and are not good for jewelry wearing. The binder usually used is Cobalt which is a known allergen.

Janet’s Jewellery Store only sells tungsten carbide rings made from nickel binders. They are more expensive but you do not expect any allergic reactions even to people allergic to Nickel!

Yes. This is because when the mixture of nickel is combined with tungsten carbide, it becomes 100% hypoallergenic.

It’s important to ask what binder is used before you buy Tungsten Carbide rings however, cheap Tungsten Carbide rings are usually made from cobalt binders and will cause a rash on your skin.

If you are not sure of what you are buying, contact us and we will be glad to offer help when it comes to choosing the perfect ring for you.

2. Tungsten Rings Have A Reputation For Being High Wear Resistant

Do not expect Tungsten Carbide rings to wear and tear easily. This is one of the traits that make it different from other metals like gold and silver.

You can swim with it and even play sports. There will be no sign of tarnish. The shine will hold strong always.

3. They Will Remain Polished Virtually Forever

Tungsten carbide rings have an IP (Ion Plating) coating. This adds extra durability to the rings. It is quite thick, and that makes sure that the metal will not lose its shape or sheen over the next years at least.

4. High Scratch-Resistance

Tungsten Carbide Rings are stronger and harder than 18 Karat Gold rings and their hardness is only next to Diamond.

It will not experience any form of scratch and can be used by those in the construction industry even when worn on the fingers.

5. Available in a wide variety of styles and colors for multiple aesthetics

The carbon fiber tungsten rings usually come in a mélange of colors and styles.

It can be noticed from afar with a unique style; you should go for the black carbon fiber inlays. This adds scratch resistance and cracks tolerance to your regular tungsten ring.

6. They Are Unisex

Though popular among men, Tungsten Carbide rings are gaining a lot of interest among the ladies world over.

Ladies usually prefer the smaller ones while most men go for the bigger rings. This makes it the perfect ring for couples intending to get wedded.

7. Affordability Compared To Their Gold and Platinum Counterparts.

This is primarily because they require less to no maintenance; they are durable and resistant to all kinds of wear and tear.

Even body oils, water, and detergent will not interfere with the integrity of tungsten carbide.

8. Tungsten Carbide Rings Can Be Customized

You can present tungsten rings to your fashion-savvy friend with a taste for eclectic jewelry.

They are perfect for anniversaries and weddings You can tell your jeweler to engrave your rings with quotes, names, and other texts to add a personal touch to your gift.

Myth About Tungsten Carbide Rings

There has been misinformation that Tungsten Carbide Rings cannot be broken in cases of emergencies or accidents.

This is not true. Even the hardest metal, Diamond can be broken. Tungsten Carbide may be harder than most metals but there are tools that can be used to cut it.

For example, when you use grip pliers, you can break them. You will just need to be careful not to hurt those around you in the process.

We have heard people say, “Tungsten is indestructible. You cannot remove tungsten rings in cases of emergencies”.

Well, we would like you to think for a moment here. Nothing is truly indestructible. Even diamonds can be cut and broken. So why should tungsten be completely tolerant to shear force?

Tungsten carbide may be stronger than most of the metals used for making jewelry. However, you can easily cut it with the right tools in case of an emergency.

You can go to the jeweler who sold you the ring or reach out to us for help. In reality, using a pair of vice grip pliers is enough to break the ring(s). You just need to be careful to not nick yourself/others in the process.


In conclusion, when you say tungsten, you will be referring to tungsten carbide. It is one of the strongest metal alloys used to make jewelry.

In the jewelry industry, we cannot use pure tungsten because it is a soft metal. Just like gold, the jewelers make an alloy with tungsten, carbon, cobalt, or nickel to make tungsten carbide rings.

The tungsten carbide rings are known to have strong resistance to wear and tear. It is a unique property that other metals including gold and silver do not possess.

They are heavy, easily manipulated, and extremely easy to maintain. You can wear them regularly, yet preserve the “just purchased” shine for ages. They need very little maintenance and refurbishing.

The only disadvantage may be the difficulty in resizing it in the future. However, they are extremely pocket-friendly so that you can replace them anytime.

Although it is not easy to break tungsten carbide, we have seen instances where tungsten rings have cracked due to high pressure. You can end up breaking a robust tungsten ring by striking it hard against a sturdy surface or by dropping it on a hard floor.

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