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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Go to https://janetsjewellery.com, 2. Scroll and search through the different jewellery we have in stock 3. If you identify what you like, add it to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout 4. Enter your details correctly. 5. Proceed to Make Payment. Payment options. 6. Once payment is successful, please check your email that you registered with for a receipt. You can also contact us to write for your one.
We ship to any part of the world. Please contact us and let us know where you would like to ship. We will be glad to advise.
We are online but intend to open physical stores on all continents in the next 5 years. Our suppliers are based in USA and China.
No, we also have pure gold rings and can be seen on the website.
The best way to measure is to confirm with a local jeweler in your location before your order. You can also put a string around your finger, not so tightly but well-fitting. Put a string on a ruler and send us the centimeters. Please note this is not 100% accurate sometimes.
Buyer Protection is a set of guarantees that enables buyers to shop with confidence on our website. You are protected when: • The item you ordered did not arrive within the time promised by Janet’s Jewellery Store. • The item you received was not as described. • The item you received that was assured to be genuine was fake.
We use DHL and Fedex for shipping our international shipments. We share with you a tracker as well. DHL & Fedex will take anywhere between 3-10 days maximum upon having your order processed. We make ensure your item is delivered to you.
First, please email us at support@janetsjewellery.com the pictures, then if it is our mistake, We will ship a new one in your new order or compensate for your loss.
Our privacy policy does not permit sharing information with customers. All registration and payment information is considered private and is very illegal to share such information. We take our privacy policy very seriously.
Yes, we do. We are SSL secured and your purchase with us is very secure. Your card details cannot be compromised.
Janet's Jewellery Store does not include taxes in the price or during the shipment. Depending on the country, taxation may or may not apply but it is good to consult with local tax authorities before purchase. Feel free to contact us via email support@janetsjewellery.com


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