Outstanding 10 Black Rings For Couples

For so long couples wore gold and silver rings as wedding rings. But new type of ring is quickly winning the hearts of many couples and even the fashion world, Black Rings.

Today, black rings are becoming increasingly popular because they come with a stylish look and create a sense of uniqueness.

They are also affordable and durable. Since most of them are made of Tungsten Carbide, they are scratch-resistant and will not fade easily.

Couples today are increasingly preferring the black rings for weddings and engagements compared to the traditional gold and silver rings. The black wedding ring is picking trend everyday all over the world.

Janet’s Jewellery is among the few stores online offering some of the finest black rings. We have decided to list our top 10 picks for 2022 based on customer reviews and orders.

Couples who buy the black rings speak so highly of them and recommend them to their families and friends. If you’re interested in making a purchase, Janet’s Jewellery Store is offering a $10 coupon code for you.

Dome Tungsten Carbide Ring for Men with Black Gold Line

The black ring comes in a doom shape and in 2 types. The black dome shape with 2 gold lines and another with 2 blue lines. This makes them unique and stylish. You can make use of the discount code “BLACK10” via the link Doomed Shaped Tungsten Carbide Ring

Doom shaped Black Tungsten Ring
Doom Black Shaped Tungsten Carbide Ring

Blue Black Tungsten Ring

The ring is so simple and easy to wear. It is a favorite among ladies because of its 4mm width. There are also 2 types. One comes with a gold line and another with a blue line. You can make use of the discount code “BLACK10

The Black Tungsten Carbide Ring Is Small & Becoming Very Popular Among Women.

Black Men Mechanical Ring

The ring is thick and most preferred by men. It has a unique block like design and is a true representation of masculinity. It is mostly preferred style and fashion gurus.

Mechanical Tungsten Carbide Rings

Black Tungsten Carbide Ring With Gold Brush Edge

This is a very simple ring and loved by both men and women. Many couples love it and using it as a wedding ring.

Diamond Stone Black Tungsten Carbide Ring

The beautiful 2 diamond black tungsten ring has a very unique design. It’s heaviness makes it a favorite for most men. The golden inline represents wholeness. It’s attractiveness can be seen from far.

Three Stone Diagonal Diamonds Tungsten Carbide Ring

The 3 diamond stone black tungsten ring is simply class apart. Inside is blue making it stand out of the crowd. It represents gentleness and charm.

Black Tungsten Wedding Band With Gold Line

It’s doom shape makes it comfortable on the fingers. It has shaped edges and is loved by both men and women. It can be used as a wedding ring as well.

Black Silver Edge Unisex Rings Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band

These are one of the most loved couple rings. It comes with a well brushed silver edge. It has a 6mm and 4mm width design making it a favorite for couples intending to get married.

8mm Black Pure Tungsten Ring for Men

The black pure tungsten ring is the perfect ring for men who are macho. It is large (8mm) and will cover a large part of your fingers. It is one of the most purchased rings by men worldwide.

Multi-Faceted Tungsten Wedding Rings

The multi-faceted tungsten ring is so simple and loved by ladies. It’s unique faceted design will make you stand out of the crowd. It also comes in rose gold. It is one of the best any ring lover can have in their collection.

These are our top black rings based on reviews and sales. We however have several other stylish and beautiful black rings. Black rings are known for their durability and couples are falling in love with them in all parts of the world. When buying black, it’s advisable to opt for tungsten Carbide rings.

Celebraties and fashionites also love wearing them for fashion and style. At Janet’s Jewellery Store, we will ship these rings to all parts of the world. Enjoy our coupon code today BLACK10 and get $10 OFF every black ring you buy from our store.

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