When couples are considering tying the knot and are searching for wedding bands, Silver, Gold or Platinum is what they will always think of first. This has been the tradition for a long time in almost every part of the world. In Uganda, Jewellery in gold material is the most expensive depending on the karats.

credit: tungstenly.com. Black Tungsten rings are picking trend in Uganda.

However, an increasingly popular material is now beginning to trend on the Uganda market because of its affordability and durability. It comes in many styles and black tungsten rings are becoming trendy among couples. That is the Tungsten Carbide ring. Let’s look a little bit deeper into what Tungsten rings are.

What is Tungsten Carbide?

Tungsten Carbide comes from joining alloying carbon with Tungsten which is an extremely hard and dense metal with a high freezing point. Usually, the best Tungsten rings have a minimum of 80% Tungsten which makes them hypo allergenic, strong and tarnish resistant which keeps its shine for a very long time.

When Tungsten is pure that is with a minimum of 80%, it is 10 times harder than the 18 Karat gold ring with a weight that is opulent and substantial and only compared to platinum. So, it’s very important to note when buying Tungsten rings that because of its hardness, it cannot be resized.

Janet’s Jewellery store is one of the few retailers in the world that give one year warranty and will replace your ring if any size or quality issues that may arise. So far, Janet’s Jewellery Store has replaced rings of 60 couples since 2018 in regards to them losing or gaining weight on their fingers.

These are proven facts and those who buy Tungsten rings will testify to it.

• Tungsten Rings are Hypoallergenic.

• High wear resistance

• Will remain polished virtually forever

• High scratch-resistance

• Available in a wide variety of styles and colors for multiple aesthetics

• Increased hardness and durability

Additionally, Tungsten Carbide rings tend to be much more affordable than their gold and platinum counterparts. Plus, it essentially never loses its polish, which makes wearing it forever much more effortless.

Weak points of Tungsten Carbide Ring

Definitely, there are some weak points that will come with a client purchasing a tungsten ring and it is important to let him or her know before they make the purchase.  It is important to ensure you buy from a trusted retailer. At Janet’s Jewellery Store, we ensure we sell Tungsten rings with a minimum of 80% Tungsten material in the ring. This is because any ring with less than 80% Tungsten will include metals that may cause allergy reactions to the customer. Last but not least, Tungsten is an extremely hard metal so it cannot be resized. That’s why Janet’s Jewellery Store gives warranty on size for a year. We will replace it for you at no cost.

Maintenance of Tungsten Rings

Tungsten Rings will require next to no maintenance. This because they are strong and do not wear out easily. However, it’s important to still maintain them so they may last a very long time.

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